Blog without images or videos is like vegetables without salt in it .It is mean vegetable without salt is testeless in that way blog without images in not so impressive for readers. Image compyright is very important for blog.

As many blog writers don’t know about image copyright strike. It is not possible for every blog writer to design his own images as they don’t know HTML coding to design images.
Most of the readers download free images from Google.
But every images is not free, some of them copyright images.
Copyrighter may claim for image copyright strike because of which Google AdSense may disable your AdSense account of images copyright strike subject to violation of AdSense policy.

Step by step guide to use free image copyright

  1. Go to Google search engine
  1. Type Google image in it
Image copyright
image copyright
  1. Search image you wish e.g I search for Coorg.
  1. Then click on tool
  1. Then click on using right
Image copyright
  1. It will display five options choose options accordingly..

Then it will show free image copyright then download which images you want.

For video description you can go with link