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In democracy people elect their representatives for their welfare. So, people’s welfare become representative moral responsibility.

On 26 January 1950 India became democratic country. Currently, India undoubtedly biggest democracy in the world.

But, Indian democracy loosing its soul over period of time because of curruption and unnecessary involvement of some selfish politician in autonomous institution.

Democracy struggling for existance. In this dumping scenario of democratic degradation work of Arvind kejariwal led Delhi government admirable.

Delhi government steps for state welfare becoming role model for development.

Arvind kejariwal and his team took charge of Delhi government first time in 2013 but because of short of number government resigned.

After 6 months of relection Arvind kejariwal took charge of Delhi government with 96% mejority in house in 2014.

In his 6 years tenure of Delhi government kejariwal led AAP government overhauled some basic structure of state.

AAP government had done marvellous work in education, health, infrastructure and some basic needs of people like water and electricity.


Some prominent work by kejariwal and his team



Education is soul of human development. But, day by day cost of education increasing of privatisation of education.

Government schools taking its last breath because of poor infrastructure and teacher’s unwilling to teach.

AAP government maked government education their first target.

They worked on government school infrastructure to increase number of admission in government schools.

They sent government teacher out of country for training and revolutionary changes in government schools.

Delhi deputy CM Manish Sisodiya and his team has done outstanding work in education. One of his minister Atishi played crucial role in it. They created state of art infrastructure in government schools.

Kejariwal ordered private school to curtail their fees and refund donation to parents with interest.

Improvement in government schools infrastructure and standard of education number of student increased in government schools which gave comparatively outstanding performance in examination.

Delhi government school

Kejariwal and his team teamwork brought revolution in state education.


Health care is holistic service. But, it is difficult to say when this holistic service became business.

Health became unaffordable for common people because of some unnecessary high cost of treatment for common illness.

Delhi government brought an idea of mohalla clinic to make health care viable for common people.

In this clinic  some common illness for which patient spent lots of money in private hospitals getting treated effectively.

In mohalla clinic patient getting consulted property and right advice and necessary information.

Delhi government mohalla clinic

Former UNO secretory general Ban ki Moon visited and applauded this initiative by kejariwal government.

Mohalla clinic became role model for health care

Now, kejariwal government focusing on state of art health facilities for Delhi people. So, government building some hospitals and renovating some old building of government hospitals to which mohalla clinic getting connected.

Kejariwal government trying to set new model for health care revolution.


Infrastructure is the soul of development. People can enjoy and fill comfort in develope infrastructure.
It is prime duty of government to provide good infrastructure in exchange of tax paid by people for the same.

Delhi infrastructure taking shape under kejariwal government

As Delhi is most populous and busy city infrastructure development is very difficult  task.
Crowd and air pollution are main obstacles in infrastructure development.

Delhi government sort out reason for air pollution and maked roadmap to combat air pollution.

They implemented odd-even formula to reduce number of daily vehicle on road.  Because of which vehicle number reduced to halve.

As number of vehicles decrease it helps in reduction in air pollution.

State government engaged in creating state of art infrastructure to minimize crowd in market area.


Water supply and 24×7 electricity is rights of every tax paying people. Kejariwal government tried honestly to fulfill promised he maked in his menifesto

Kejariwal set limite for water and electricity use. He promised people, if they were use electricity and water within set limite it would get if free. If they crossed limite then government will charge for every unit for people used.

Because of this maked habit of saving water and electricity in return saving money and expenses of government.

Although Arvind Kejriwal and his government had to face a lot of criticism from some media and people, but he remained firm on his work.  Today, the development of Delhi has become a role model for the entire country.


Delhi and Mumbai is most populous city with high population density in India. In high population density chances of spread of infection is higher than any other.

So, obviously cases of Corona high in this city. But some  media tried to make global focus on this two city. Meaning of this prapoganda is very clear not to say in different word.

But, administration of both city contained Corona very well. Thakray government in Maharashtra and Mumbai as well got word of applaud from WHO for their better management in most populous location in the world dharvi.

Delhi government was also on radar of media. This was right time for kejariwal to test the best.
He accepted challenge of media and started team working on Corona. 

They worked on their 8 points strategy which praised by prime minister Narendra Modi Delhi model.

1. Home isolation
They worked aggressively on home isolation. 80% of covid positive patient isolated in with consultation and medical. As patient getting treated at home chances of recovery increased.

2. Oximeter to patient in home isolation

One of the causes of mortality in COVID is the reduction in oxygen levels in the blood, hypoxia.

Unlike other ailments where this hypoxia is accompanied by breathlessness, in COVID, doctors witness a phenomenon of ‘Happy Hypoxia’, wherein a patient may have dangerously low levels of oxygen but may not have any awareness about it.

Monitoring oxygen levels and having an accessible supply of oxygen were crucial to prevent the mortality of patients in Home Isolation. “Delhi Govt provided oximeters to all patients recovering in Home Isolation, so that they could monitor their oxygen levels to prevent any sudden falls.

Delhi government purchased 59,600 oximeters and 58,974 are in use today by patients in home isolation,” Dr. Suresh Kumar, Director Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital said.

3. Revamp testing and contact tracing initiatives –
Government increasing testing day by day from Very start. Delhi government is only government  with highest number of testing than any other.

4. Increasing numbers of bed in hospitals –

Till early June, there were only eight private hospitals that were treating Corona patients and these had a sum total of 700 beds available.

This was in addition to 2500 beds in Delhi Government hospitals. When the cases started rising in the first week of June, the eight private hospitals reached their capacity.

While more than 1000 beds continued to be available in government hospitals during this period, many people preferred private hospitals. Bed capacity was immediately expanded in private hospitals.

An order was passed by the Kejriwal government whereby all private hospitals with more than 50 beds had to reserve 40% of beds for treating COVID patients.

Not only did this mean that the number of COVID beds in private hospitals increased from 700 to 5000, but it also meant that COVID facilities were now available in all parts of the city.

In addition to this, hotels were linked to private hospitals, and thereby increasing the bed capacity of hospitals. With this hotel linkage, the number of beds in private hospitals went up from 5000 to 7000. Today, there are over 15,000 COVID beds in Delhi.

5. Realtime information of bed availability on app
Kejariwal government maked Corona app to find availability of bed at hospitals in Delhi. They reserve 40% bed in private hospitals. Today, 15,000 beds available for Corona. Any in Delhi can find on Corona app.

6. Increasing strength of ambulance –
For easy dispatching of health care services government started initially with 134 ambulance. As per demand kejariwal started expanding with private and cab service collaboration to fulfill short of ambulance services. Now, near about 700 vehicle in operation.

7. Establishment of first plasma bank of country –

In a first in the country, a ‘Plasma Bank’ has been set up by the Delhi government, so that patients can easily access convalescent plasma. An aggressive awareness campaign for plasma donation has been led by the chief minister himself to encourage recovered patients to come forward and donate their plasma.

Convalescent plasma has shown encouraging results across the world in preventing mortality amongst critical patients, as it provides the patient with antibodies to fight the virus

.Cheif minister’s direct public engagement –

Delhi cheif minister  Arvind kejariwal played crucial role in encouragement of patient with direct communication with home isolated patient.

Delhi government fight against Corona also became for country. Delhi has highest recovery rate of 90% of Corona.

Arvind kejariwal and his government delivered his best beyond aam adami’s expectation.

Delhi government

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