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The basic need of human being is clothing. According to archaeologists and anthropologists, earliest clothing most likely included grass or leaves tied around the body. With the passage of time, clothing performed a range of cultural and social functions.

It also functions as a form of adornment and an expression of personal taste, style and social status. However, the main function of clothing is to increase the comfort of the wearer.

The young people are more into online shopping. . All big clothing companies now come up with standard sizes and customers know the size of clothing which would fit them. The older generation had an inherent need to buy clothes only after feeling them. This is not the same with the present generation.

So it makes better sense to have online clothing. In addition to this, a lot more options are available when shopping for clothes is done online.

The customer gets a lot of information on the variety, pricing and quality of clothing which is available. The online transactions nowadays are more secure.

E-commerce these days is the buzz word in business. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to visit the website of the company before actually visiting the store.

In certain cases, the online store has successfully replaced the need to physically visit the store. Additionally, clothes and fashion accessories make up a substantial portion of all the gifts while are sent and received worldwide, and it naturally makes sense to have your presence online so that you can reach out to a larger market.

The cost of having an online clothing store is considerably less and you also get to save on warehousing costs. This translates into lower prices and lower prices mean larger volumes. Larger volumes translate into a larger market share. Having an online clothing store means that your store is open at all hours so the customer can shop as per his convenience. This emphasizes on user friendliness.

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