8-ball cricket match in one over.

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8-ball cricket match in one over.

By the way, cricket usually has an over of 6 balls.

Cricket match

But some such matches have been played in the history of cricket that had 1 over 8 balls.
The match played between Australia and England on 5 January 1971 was 1 over 8 balls.
A history in cricket was written on this day also as it was the first ODI in cricket history.

The England team was on a tour of Australia and the third Test cricket match of the series was to be played between January 1 and January 5, 1971. But the first 3 days of the match were spoiled due to rain.

Hence the Test match had to be canceled but it was decided that the match be converted into a game of decent overs.

That is why it was made a game of decent overs. Thus, on 5 January 1971, the first ODI in cricket history was played.

The format of the game is that each team will play 40 overs and 1 over will be 8 balls.

Thus, 8 balls were bowled in an over in this match, this is also a history in itself.

England’s team batting first was all out at 190 runs. In response, Australia achieved their target by losing 5 wickets and won the first ODI by five wickets.

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