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Weight loss therapy

Overweight became common problem for health and beauty as well today


Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.


Woman are more conscious for overweight and obesity

For beauty conscious women obesity is main issue. Woman body consists of more fat than man. For beauty conscious women body physique is a major issue than any other.

For maintaining body figure and beauty woman try many experiment like dietary foods, aerobic are  some well known.

In this fast and busy life every man and woman have no time for excercise, so they try shortcut by taking dietary foods to lose weight.

Some MLM company products has main role in this. Products of this company is very expensive for business purpose. Company main focus is a network marketing.

Such companies some products contain some habitat ingredients because of which person became habitat with products.

Exercise for weight loss is not possible for everyone is due to busy life schedule and short of the time.

My story how I lose my weight from 75 kg to 65 kg during lockdown period of covid-19 pandemic.

To lighten the darkness just one ray of light enough. In that way lockdown period bought positive impact on my body by loosing weight from 75 to 65 kg.

Before lockdown in India my weight was 75 kg. This is cause of concern for me. Because overweight gives invitation to many disease likes heart problems, liver problems, etc..

As per body mass index (BMI) my age should be in the range of 60 -65 kg.

My plan to lose weight –

1. Subconscious mind positive message –

My subconscious mind plays important role in it.
First I gave positive massage to my mind that my weight is 65 kg not 75 Kg.. Then I started my journey to lose my weight my destination was 65 kg.

2. 20 minutes simple exercise –
When exercise word in front of anyone they picturize a heavy exercise or Jeam. But because of heavy exercise your body demand heavy foods. As increase in demand we eat heavy diet to fulfill demand.

But may result in weight gain if digestion is not proper.
So, I decided to do some simple exercise.

A. Walking – walking is simple, and easily follow exercise. I went walking for 10, minutes every morning.
Walking is warm exercise for me which made me fully energized.

B. Sun salutation ( सुर्य नमस्कार)

सूर्य नमस्कार

Sun salutation in simplest form of yoga which help in weight loss.

3. Simple diet

A. Drink black or green tea is Very helpful in weight loss.

Green tea with trikatu churn is immunity booster to fight against Corona.
So, it worked as weight loss as well as a immunity build up.

B. Eating simple food in lunch

I took simple Indian traditional food in lunch like Dakota, rice, subj and salad  which kept me energized for whole day.

In dinner, I took food just to calm my appetite.
I mainly focus on light food like rise and daliya.

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