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Chirmiri is a beautiful hill station in the Choria region of Chhattisgarh. Hira Miri or Chirmiri is called Janat / Heaven Chhattisgarh. Lush greenery, mountains and rivers are an ideal place for those who want to relax. This beautiful city is also famous for its coal mines. There are several temples and other attractions known to tourists. Chirmiri is well connected to major cities by train and road. Chirmiri is located at an altitude of 579 meters and on the banks of the Hasdeo River. The river is one of the most famous tributaries of the Mahanadi River. The weather is pleasant all year round, there are lush forests in which exotic flora and fauna live.

Initially, it was a private coal mine. Founder Sandy Lee spoke about Dad Leri. Tata Iron and Steel Company began coal exploration, but did not produce anything. The Hiramir production was opened in 1930 (production began in 1932), the Chirimiri Baru carbon in 1942, the Pure Chirimiri in 1945 and the North Sendiri in 1946. Hiramir Baru, Tambak Bukit, Chirimiri Barat, Bukit Bukit Duman and Korean works. Coal mining increased from 264,000 tons in 1933 to 3,165,500 tons in 1980. [2] Ltd., Chirimiri Ponri Hill Baru (private company) Limited, Dababhoy, United Collieries Limited, K.N. Dad and Indra Singh


The city of Chirmiri is located in the geographical coordinates of latitude 23 degrees 11 minutes 60 seconds and longitude 82 degrees 20 minutes 60 seconds. The population of the city is 93,366 people. The total population is divided into 49 128 men and 44 288 women. The city achieved a high level of literacy, and there were 61,280 educated people in the city. The number of educated men is higher than that of educated women in the city. Compared to educated women (24,640), the number of educated men is 36,640.


Chirmiri is famous for its coal mines . Chirmiri has a wide railway line, mainly used to transport coal in the area. A coal mining belt has been developed in this area due to the proximity of the location of the coal mine. South Eastern Coalfields Limited, India’s largest coal mine, is located in the region. Chirmiri is one of 13 administrative districts of the coal industry.

Tourist attractions

One of the chief tourist attractions of the region is the Lord Jagannath Temple that was designed like the temple in Puri in the state of Orissa. The town of Chirmiri is endowed with beautiful landscape that the tourists may enjoy while journeying to the town.
Lord Jagannath temple –

Jaganath Temple: This temple was built by Puri workers and is a replica of Purridge Nasu Temple. This temple has worked hard to make it a real temple in Calibad as a gift from Sandy from the Odi community in the region. The temple is in the body of Caldi. The hotel is on a hill and 1 km away. From the central station.
Baigapara: It is also in a place called Bartung, as well as in a very old temple in Bartung, the Sati Temple, dedicated to Sati Maa.

MahaMaya Temple at Rattanpur: This is one of the 52 Indian Shakti conventions. This temple was dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi and the goddess Saraswati. This temple was built in the 12-13th centuries by Kalachuring Ratnadeva. The architecture comes from Nagara art and has a northern direction with a large water tank. There are Shiba and Hanuman temples on this site. It is believed that the oldest temple built in 1039, the only temple dedicated to Kantideval, was built by the ascetic Santos Giri. The temple is protected by Kala Bra, who lives in other temples in the atrium. On the hill near the castle are the ruins of the 11th-century Shiva Cadideol temple.

Amrit Dhara Waterfall is located in Babapur. Chirimiri is about 17 km away. The famous Shiva temple is located on Mount Baba, next to the waterfall. This place is not only a famous waterfall, but also used by locals for picnics.

Hasdeo River: The community has opened a bank and is now my favorite picnic spot.

Gufa Mandir: Located in Godaripara

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