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Mercedes Benz limited to luxury car segment in India, So Mercedes Benz used mix price marketing strategy to cater competition and price in India, the price ranges from INR 25,00,000 to somewhere around INR 80,00,000.

Mercedes Benz Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy


Product –
As Mercedes Benz is premium luxury brand in car segment, it’s product is one of the strongest points Mercedes-Benz white range job passenger car light commercial and heavy equipment vehicle as a part of its . marketing mix product strategy However, the strongest in its product portfolio will be the luxury car segment which consists of Sedans, SUVs and sports cars as well. The Mercedes can boast about its products as not only it has the best of design and luxury but also the best of technology. The 4matic and BlueTEC is one of the best technologies till date. Also apart from dealing with new cars, Mercedes also deals with pre-owned Mercedes through its Mercedes Benz certified portfolio.

Price –
Mercedes Benz is a premium priced luxury car brand. Being in the luxury segment, it caters to a niche segment who value quality more than the price and so the price is always on the higher end.
In India as it caters only to the luxury car market, the price ranges from INR 25,00,000 to somewhere around INR 80,00,000. Thus, the Mercedes Benz marketing mix pricing strategy is that of premium pricing, based on its features and competition.

Place –
Mercedes Benz car present all across the world through its dealership and service station. China, Asia Pacific, Europe, Germany and North America are among the top. In India, Mercedes has over 80 dealerships across the major metros and cities.  In India, it has its manufacturing plant in Chakan, Maharashtra which is considered to be one CKD plants of Mercedes.

Promotion –
The marketing mix promotional strategy of Mercedes Benz uses all media channels like TV, print, online, billboards etc. Being luxury car brand, Mercedes did not feel the need for the traditional methods of advertising. Mercedes’s marketing strategy always focused on its products, technology etc. but with the changing times and customer attitudes they have also resorted to increase its communication with consumers worldwide through online marketing, social media presence, print media, etc

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