online selling used clothes -2020

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online selling used clothes

Cleaning your closet usually ends with a bunch of clothes that you don’t know what to do! Why don’t we all sell old clothes, get rid of unwanted clothes and make money? We all asked ourselves: “How can I sell old clothes for money?” The bombs are charged. You guys can now sell used clothing online through several popular sites and make room in your wardrobe for the new collection.

The Best Places To Sell Your Old Clothes Online

1. OLX

OLX is one of the 10 most popular product buyers in India. It can be used to sell old items, including clothing. This site is a secret site that is completely free for users. This is a user-friendly website that provides a platform for buyers interested in used clothing. On this site you can find used designer clothes provided by other users at an affordable price.

2.  Etashee

This Etashee website is mainly dedicated to trendy things sold online. Therefore, if you are looking for a website where you can sell used clothes online, this can be stopped. He is known for his audience interested in fashion goods. So there is more chance of selling your clothes here.

3. Poshmark
This site is a fashion center where you can sell, buy and share things in a crowded closet. Follow people with the best designer collections and buy items that you sell at a reasonable price.

4. Spoyl
The Spoyl app is a community of fashionable people who want to buy and sell clothes! There is a direct interaction between buyers and sellers, which makes it easy to sell online and make money. This app also offers your own concierge if you do not want to be deceived. Sell ​​used clothing at home in comfort.

5. SnobSwap
SnobSwap offers three ways to sell used clothing. You can sell online, work with the nearest store, sell products on the site or exchange goods and other items on the site! A great way to take off old and new clothes!

6. Refashion
Refashioner wants to sell all kinds of crops. This website, featuring a collection of vintage clothing and unique pieces, is sure to be a thing of the past. Sale of clothing, accessories and shoes.

7. Once Again

An Indian online marketplace for fashion Once Again offers you to sell used clothes online along with shoes, accessories, and bags. The process of selling here is rather simple. All you have to do is click a picture of the items you wish to sell and post it online. After which they’ll send you a shipping label and get the items collected once you’re done packing it. And tada! Item = Sold.

8.  Tradesy
Tradesy is a luxury brand reselling website. Take a picture of the clothes you want to donate and send the rest of your sales online! They do all the monotonous work, bidding on a free return package. Start selling now! Selling used clothes has never been easier on the Internet.

9. Elanic

Almost all household items can be sold on Elanic, like selling used clothes. Buy and sell short! Yes, Ella Nick promised it. Click on the item you want to sell and take care of other items. Everything from product selection to packaging and sales is carried out in logistics. Very simple!

10. eBay Valet
EBay has an online sales team! You can also sell it on eBay, including clothing, electronics, and collectibles. Jack is an experienced sales specialist who sits waiting for money and does everything comfortably.

11. Loot-Coutloot

Another site that will help you sell used clothes in the most interesting way! There are also many trendy bloggers selling things in closets. You have to sell old clothes and buy new ones!

12. Confidential Couture!

Indian real estate site! If you want to sell luxury goods, Couture Secrets is great! You can not only sell your luxury, but also purchase truly branded accessories at amazing prices!

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