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When I first thought about studying abroad, one of the most difficult parts of this decision was to find out if I needed to quit or pursue a sports career (I barely knew that I could make a decision when my knee was broken). It’s not always easy to spend a few weeks away from the training that you have been doing all your life. Many college athletes, especially scholars, have found that they cannot spend time abroad involving sports or teams. But we want to encourage student athletes to realize that they really can take this global opportunity and even find a way to use it!

Tips for joining sport club abroad

  1. Research. To find affordable sports teams and clubs on campus, contact the program provider or the website of a foreign university. Some programs are also available for students who want to focus on a particular sport!
  2. Contact one of the teams or clubs to make an appointment. It will take several more days between the arrival of the college and the start of classes. If you make an appointment before you leave, you can get the best. If not, you may be amazed at all of the interesting and interesting options available upon arrival in the host country. Do not be afraid of new team members. You don’t know what your story is, so start with an empty board. If you are known as a butterfly in a football or rugby team or have missed an important goal in a playoff match of a football team, the new team will know and love it.


  1. Learn the game from a completely different perspective. In some countries, skills that cannot be completed in general are different, but this does not mean that they are wrong. This feature adapts to new ways and really challenges open abilities.
  2. Helps you stay healthy mentally and physically. Expect the season when you return and remain part of what you love. Doing your favorite things, you become happier and reduce the chances of feeling at home.
  3. Direct comfort and team support. That’s why I only focused on the sports career of the campus. I know that almost 20 friends who are really interested in my well-being offer a sense of security similar to what I get from a friend or family member at home. 3. I see my resume. I already know that studying abroad can be of great help in general acceptance. But think about the implications of taking initiatives to participate.

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