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The position of the Asian Cup 2020 became a serious problem for the Asian Cricket Committee after India refused to travel to Pakistan, which became the first host of the tournament. The final version of the tournament was supposed to take India, but due to tensions between the two countries in the UAE, the Asian Cup will be held in 2018, and the ACC seems to be holding events in search of other countries. Since 2020 is the year of the T20 World Cup, the 2020 Asian Cup will be a business for 20 years, just like in 2016 in Bangladesh. In addition, the Pakistan Cricket Council (PCB) seems to have selected Bangladesh as the host of the tournament, and according to the Daily Express report, they signed a contract with the Bangladesh Cricket Council (BCB). The agreement was concluded instead of a tiger traveling to Pakistan in a number of two countries.
The decision was made because India did not want to go to Pakistan. UN Secretary General Ehan Mani said at a press conference on Friday that the Asian Cup is neutral and that the Indian team said nothing, but will refuse to play in Pakistan. However, the current president of the BCB and the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), Nazmul Hassan, seems to have convinced the PCB to convince the Indian team to come to Bangladesh for the Asian Cup as soon as the host receives the host. The PCB chairman said the upcoming event is being held in Pakistan and he is not interested in the BCCI statement. BCCI Chairman Suraba Kan Uli named the UAE in September a potential venue for the tournament. The statement expressed the concerns and concerns of BCB officials about the Pakistan Crown virus before the Third Guide. However, the circuit board ensures that you have nothing to worry about.

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