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Here we are discussing some great personality in the world whose ambition change the world and human’s life
During their journey their education never became obstacles for them.

ISAAC NEWTON, the great scientist was left school in third year of his school life, as he was not interested in it.
NEWTON go for a walk to search something different in the world, during his journey one day he saw an apple dropped from tree. He then started thinking, why does this happen?
Because of this thinking NEWTON gave law of gravitation to the world around which today’s science is whirling.

Thomas Alva Edison have a dream to lighten the world.
So, Thomas Alva Edison where keep working on his dream and became inventor of light bulb.
In this his whole journey of struggle of existence and success hit short education never became obstacle Thomas Alva Edison what is school dropout.
Thomas Alva Edison was  left his full in 3rd standard.

William Henry Gates alliance Bill Gates were not much interested education and dropped out Havard university education in 1975. Founded Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen.
Bill Gates became the wealthiest man to earth in early 90′ maintain his top position till October 2017 before Amazon founder Jeff Bezos surpassed him.
As Bill Gates interested in computer, so he gave his full energy to his ambition rather than education because of which William Henry Gates became Bill Gates second wealthiest man in the world.

Steve job has the dream for mobile and computer revolution.
Steve job is also education dropout but his education never become obstacles in his successful journey of most revolutionary technical APPLE Inc.

One of the China’s wealthiest men Jack ma was weak in the mathematics till Jack Ma keep working on his ambition and founded one of the greatest E-Commerce company


Reliance founder Dhirubhai Ambani short of education, but not short by foresightedness and vision.
As from poor family background Dhirubhai Ambani can’t afford education expenses, so, he left education in early life, and start working of petrol pump from where he got idea of reliance and real journey of reliance starting from here.
Today reliance industry is the backbone of Indian business line.


Indian cricket legend SACHIN TENDULKAR was failed in 12 class, but this failure never become obstacle for him in his great achievement as most runs scorer in international cricket.

He also confered by great indian civilian award BHARATRATNA.

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