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YouTube is the most trusted brand for video monetization, but terms and conditions of YouTube is very strict.
For monetization of video YouTube demands 10k views or 4000 hours as eligibility criteria.
Only few became successful because of YouTube terms and conditions.
But there are some alternatives for YouTube on which you can easily monetize your video and can earn money.
Dailymotion is also platform like YouTube but terms and conditions of Dailymotion is quite simpler than YouTube.

Dailymotion not demand 10k views or 4000 hours for monetization.
You have just only one video for monetization when you upload it on Dailymotion.
Dailymotion is second most video sharing platform after YouTube.
Dailymotion also share 70% revenue from their earning from your video whereas YouTube share only 55-65 % of their revenue.
For  video monetization on Dailymotion you to sign up first on a Dailymotion then join partner program.

This video show you how will you monetize your video on Dailymotion

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