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In Ayurveda honey give more important because of it multidimensional medicinal property.

The natural medicine

Honey natural medicine content https://youtu.be/ws8R44DzrS8

Honey contain fruit glucose calcium sodium potassium chlorine serotonin vitamin b1 and b6.
Honey also have antibacteria,l anti aging property
Honey is cholesterol and fat free.

Honey - the natural medicine

Honey health benefits

1. Honey helps in maintaining circulation
Honey with warm water help in maintaining circulation. It provide oxygen to RBC of blood.
Because of this help in maintaining circulation and body system as well.

2. Cough relief
Honey provides relief from cough because of it antibacterial property.

3.  Relief for heart problem
Honey helps in maintaining blood pressure.

4. Help in sleeping problem
If you have sleeplessness then honey can help you for silent sleep. Because honey contains serotonin and serotonin helps in healthy sleep. Take one teaspoon honey with milk for it.

5. Helps in building healthy immune system
honey with warm water and lemon juice help in building healthy immune system.

6.  Help in weight loss
Heavy weight is root for men health problems. Honey helps you to reduce your weight.  Use honey instead of sugar. Eat honey before sleep with warm water to lose weight.

7. Helps in glowing your skin
Honey natural moisturizer. Massage your face with honey for 30 minutes then wash with warm water. It will help your skin to glow.

8.  Relief from hair problems
Honey with olive oil have helps in hair problems. Apply honey with olive oil to hair before sleep and then wash it with shampoo in morning, do it twice a week.

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