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Do you know your ATM card give you insurance cover up to 10 lach.

Yahh! It is true.

Very few known about it.

Your ATM card cover insurance upto Rs. 25,000/- to 10,00,000/-

It depends upon category of card. It may gold, platinum card.

If are using card of any private or public bank you can get it.

ATM accidentaldental insurance
  • It is insurance for accidental death or for person who become handicap to support his family.
  • VISA, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO,RUPAY are name of some companies which providing ATM services for customer.
  • Such companies liable to provide insurance cover to their customers.
  • When customer open account with bank and he get debit or credit card from bank, his insurance cover start after activation of card.
  • There are agreement between bank and insurance company if there were accidental death or person get permanently or half handicap. Insurer family can a avail benefit.
  • There are different provisions for accidental death and handii.

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